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hear big catsArmani

Female Leopard

DOB 6/17/97
Armani arrived at Big Cat Rescue with her sister, Jade. Armani, being the gorgeous leopard that she is, has done commercials for Venus Swimwear and has also appeared in a fashion photo for Glamour Magazine and for People Magazine.

Armani knows that to change a man you must change his perception of himself.  There was a time when we thought we were reaching more people by taking her out in public.  We perceived our actions as being educational because we spoke about the plight of the cats.  Armani showed us that our perception of our role, and hers were very wrong. We no longer take our cats out in public or out on leashes for any purpose.

No matter what we say about these animals not making good pets, if we make them look like pets, people will want to own them as pets.  The photo at right is of Armani in her old cage before the laws changed requiring a roof.


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6/25/18  As most of you know, Armani recently turned 21, but what you may not know about her is how she came to be at Big Cat Rescue.  Even though we had a handful of tigers and leopards in 1997, Don always said that he didn’t want big cats. One day he rolled in the gate with two tiny leopards who were only 10 days old.  He’d gone across the state to see a backyard breeder and came back with the cubs. When I reminded him that “he didn’t want big cats” I remember to this day the way he responded, “they aren’t big now.”  I was dumbfounded at that short sighted logic.

Just a couple weeks before Don had come back from the same place with a snow leopard cub.  You might remember him as Hercules. That was also at a time when we were breeding cats (1994-1997) and there were kittens on the ground and imminent, including Catera Bobcat, Elijah Caracal, Aspen Echo Cougar, Tonga Serval and others.  The area where Apollo lives used to be Jamie’s trailer and most of it was dedicated to the nursery of rowdy kittens and cubs. Jamie was 16 at the time.

A month later Don had disappeared and we quit breeding cats.  I had been secretly fixing the male cats but now I could spay and neuter just as fast as money would allow.  Thinking back on the chaos of those times, and how far we’ve come, it’s nothing short of a miracle and it’s all been made possible by YOU.

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2016 July

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Tee Jade and Armani by Cindy Arthur

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  • Michael Dzaman

    She is BEAUTIFUL!


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