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Cat Chat Show 12



Win an iPad Mini on Facebook.com/BigCatRescue

Win an iPad Mini on Facebook.com/BigCatRescue


Banshee Bobcat Caught a Snake




Meet Khaleesi the Bobcat Kitten



2 minute long video.  She is here for rehab


Save Our Bobcats

There’s a boom in bobcat trapping in California – and you can help stop it. 

Escalating demand for bobcat pelts, particularly in China and Russia, is driving up fur prices. That’s putting California’s wild bobcats at risk.

A new state law would protect our bobcats from being trapped and sold for their pelts. The California Assembly already voted yes on A.B. 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act.Thank you for contacting your Assembly member in support of this bill.

Now you can help the bobcat again. The state Senate is preparing to vote on the bill. Please urge your senator to support the Bobcat Protection Act.

In California, it is still legal to trap and kill an unlimited number of bobcats during the trapping season, from November through January.

The number of bobcats trapped and killed has doubled since 2010. Sadly, the trend shows no signs of slowing.

This is why IFAW supports the passage of the Bobcat Protection Act, introduced in the California legislature by Assembly member Richard Bloom of Santa Monica.

If passed, the Bobcat Protection Act would prohibit trapping in the lands directly adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. It would also require the California Fish and Game Commission to, among other progressive actions, adopt regulations prohibiting bobcat trapping adjacent to other national or state parks, monuments and wildlife refuges.

We are almost there. But we need your help now more than ever.

After being passed by the full Assembly in May and a key Senate committee in June, the bill is now headed to the Senate floor for a vote.

Please urge your senator to vote “Yes” on A.B. 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Flocken
North American Regional Director, IFAW


Cierra the One Eyed Cat Gets Adopted




Center for Great Apes


12 minute long video

Operation Wild Web

More than 150 people faces charges as officials seize endangered tiger pelt, elephant ivory





Best Zoo Expose Ever



It certainly stands to reason that similar issues have tortured tigers in zoos and I would love to see you expose that.  It is my understanding that there is not one purebred Bengal tiger in America because of the craze to inbreed tigers to produce white coats.
More on that page:  Trapping bill in CA
Animal Services Plan
Adam Roberts of Born Free this morning on Talking Animals  https://www.wmnf.org/listen

Only if we have time:

Big Cat Rescue Makes Top 10 ListS

5 Minute Makeover


What a bunch of volunteers can do to a cage in 5 minutes or less.



New Dart Gun Needed for Big 2.5 ac Cage

4 x S150 Syringe Dart, 1.5cc, (Needle Not Included) (DAR S 150)  = $64.00
4 x S10 Syringe Dart 10 cc (Needle sold separately) (DAR S 10)  = $176.00
4 x S500 Syringe Dart 5.0 cc (Needle not included) (DAR S 500)  = $120.00
4 x N2030 needle, 12G x 1.25″ (2mm x 30mm) , plain. (NEE N 2030)  = $34.00
4 x N1538 needle, 15G x 1.5″ (1.5mm x 38mm), plain (NEE N 1538)  = $30.00
4 x N1525 needle, 15G x 1″ (1.5mm x 25mm), plain. (NEE N 1525)  = $30.00
1 x JM Special 25 Package (PD JMSP25)  = $3,695.00
5 x BN 25 needle, 22G  x 1″ (1.1 x 25mm) Blowpipe Needle (BPS BN 25)  =
4 x NC2030 needle, 12G x 1.25″ (2mm x 30mm), collared. (NEE NC 2030)  =
1 x Sleeves-green (ACC SLEEVG)  = $9.00
1 x Sleeves-Red (ACC SLEEVR)  = $9.00
1 x Nylon Syringe (ACC NYLON)  = $13.00
Sub-Total: $4,243.70
FedEx (Fedex Ground (3 days)): $24.81
Total: $4,268.51


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