When cats die we move them off the /catbio page to this category because many of our supporters want to still access the pages and leave tributes to the cats in the comments.

Servie Serval


XFebruary 11, 2022
Female Serval1/1/00 – 2/11/22Rescued  5/25/10 A  pet Serval was confined to a tiny, two room
Purrfection Ocelot in Favorite Tree


XJuly 31, 2021
Female Ocelot5/22/96 – 7/30/2021   7/30/2021 Purr-fection Died Last Night If ever there was someone who
Sapphire Tiger taking a bath so she looks purr-fect


XApril 2, 2021
Update 4/2/2021  Sadly we had to euthanize Sapphire Tiger tonight. She had significant increase in
Armani Leopard


XMay 4, 2020
Female LeopardBorn 6/17/1997Came to Big Cat Rescue 6/27/1997 Died 5/4/2020 Armani and her sister Jade
Nat Amur Leopard


XApril 27, 2020
Natalia Female Amur Leopard 4/6/01 – 4/27/2020 She was 19 when she was euthanized for