Cheyenne Walk 2 Moons

Cheyenne Serval

Female Serval

Date of Birth: 1/23/90 (more likely 1980)

Cheyenne arrived to live on Easy Street as a zoo reject. She was sold at auction because she was fat and sway backed and not the perfect representation of the sleek Serval she was supposed to be. She looks much older than her paperwork indicates. She is fully clawed, but has an even disposition. Cheyenne received special care due to her advanced age and died 1/14/04.

Tributes to Cheyenne Serval

Becky Gagliardo Apr 15, 2016
Miss you Cheyenne. I remember in the winter time when it got cold – you always got a big comforter in your den to keep you nice and toasty. Your are now with all your boys from the Ongo section, take care of them for me.

“Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins.” – Cheyenne

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