Trick E the Leopard Cat at Big Cat Rescue

Trick E

hear big cats

Male Amur Leopard Cat

DOB 4/15/01  DOD 7/27/14


Trick E is one of the only Amur Leopard Cats born in this hemisphere since the year 2000 according to ISIS. These cats have been recommended for phase out by the Felid TAG to make room for “more important cats”. There were only 11 left on this side back in 2001.

Trick-E has been neutered and his father Draikko, who has since passed on, was neutered as well.

Trick E. was named so for the trick he played on the keepers at Big Cat Rescue. When he was born, it was believed he was actually a she and so was named Miss. E. That all changed once he was actually examined and it was discover that “she” was a “he”. This earned him the name Trick E.

Trick E. is very shy around most people, however, when some of his favorite keepers are around, he will joyfully pounce out into the open and converse in his very special language, EARRRRRRRR EARRRRRRR! We do not believe that any cat should be born for life in a cage and have altered all of our male cats or permanently separated males and females so that no other cat will ever again be born for life in a cage here.



We quit breeding cats in 1997.  We spent the next 3 years building better Cat-A-Tats for our 100+ residents.  We neutered and spayed all of the bobcats, cougars and lynx first.  We never did breed lions or tigers.

We had a pair of ancient Amur Leopard Cats who had lived together since 1995 in the “Bengal barn”.  All of the Bengal Cats have since been altered.

When the Leopard Cats moved into their new 1000 square foot Cat-A-Tat with it’s bushes, trees and underground dens. It must have been very romantic because the old cats surprised us with a his birth, but they have since died of old age.

Tributes to TrickE Leopard Cat

Karma Hurworth Aug 7, 2014
When you left, you took a part of me with you. I will always remember you waiting so patiently at the side of your enclosure for me to do operant with you, whether it was your day or not. There were times you acted like a tiger, but were such a gentleman when I brought you that meat on a stick. I loved seeing you attack your enrichment whether it was spice bags or a sickle. Run free and healthy little one. Operant mornings will never be the same.

Sharon Henry Aug 4, 2014
Rest in peace little buddy. You are missed very much!

Regina Rinaldi Aug 4, 2014
Trick E you were a fiesty one. You had a personality that said, ” look at me, I’m a tiger”. I will miss you terrible Trickster.

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  1. A couple people seem to have not understood the bio: There are 11 Amur leopard cats in THIS HEMISPHERE, meaning in zoos or sanctuaries. Not 'there are 11 cats left total.'

  2. Please read up about what happens to all the big and lesser cats who are bred in captivity and you'll better understand why no responsible sanctuary would participate in that abuse.

  3. My cats look so much like this. There is, I bet, some of Trick E's nature in my cats'…Beautiful…so sad; only 11 left. :C

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