Pasco Animal Services Outlaws Flea Market Sales of Kittens

The Pasco Animal Services Ordinance PASSED Alternative #1 that forbids breeders to conduct sales at Flea Markets. I want to thank those of you who took the time to call or email the board of county commissioners. I also want to thank those of you who were able to speak in front of the commissioners and show them that we care, are here, and speak for our companion animal family members.

no kitten sales at flea markets

Below is how the ordinance now reads.


(a) Any sale of dogs and cats, to include puppies and kittens, are prohibited on any
public or private streets and rights-of-way, within fifty (50) feet of any right-of-way, at any flea
 or private parking lots or any open air venue, such as, but not limited to, parades,
concerts, and festivals.




Marilyn Weaver, Executive Director
League of Humane Voters-FL
Compassion for all animals both human & non Human

Our vision: A society in which people value and safeguard the lives of animals.
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