Florida Governor Signs Bill Supporting Pound and Shelter Transparency and TNR

Great News!

Florida Governor Signs Bill Supporting Pound and

Shelter Transparency and Trap Neuter Release

More kittens like this can be saved
More kittens like this can be saved

You did it!  Ally Cat Allies is happy to report that yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law the bill supporting pound and shelter transparency—and it was amended to also endorse Trap-Neuter-Return!

This is a huge step forward for Florida’s animals. Thanks to everyone who took action, you will now be able to assess how well each pound and shelter is working to save the lives of animals—and how effectively they are spending your tax dollars and donations.

SB 674 / HB 997 will require animal pounds and shelters to create records available to the public on the sources and outcomes of animals in their care: the number of cats and dogs taken in, adopted out, transferred to rescue groups, euthanized (killed), and returned as part of TNR. You’ll be able to hold pounds and shelters accountable for saving animals’ lives—and push them to do better.

We’re thrilled that the bill makes it clear that pounds and shelters can perform TNR for outdoor cats and endorses it as an approach that is just as appropriate for community cats as adoption is for socialized cats.

Thank you for speaking out in support of this important bill!

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  • Kathy Goff


  • Kathy Goff


  • Elsa Schirge

    Oh, way to go!

  • June Thacker

    This is fantastic!!! I live in Tampa now (from TN) Thank you Governor and all supporters!!!

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