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Cat Hospital Wishlist

These items are listed in order of importance with the most wanted items at the top. Prices vary according to vendor. Some items are in the process of being researched.  Items that are ready to be requested are marked as so.

See our non medical wish list needs here:

Our Cat Hospital Wishlist

We always need these products for the Cat Hospital, the Recovery Hospital, the Bobcat Hospital and the sanctuary in general.


K-Laser Cube 4 15 Watt $25,900

This is currently not a priority for us as we do not have cats who could benefit from it at this time.


K-Laser generously loaned us a Cube 3 12 Watt K-Laser but we would really like to have the best K-Laser available which costs $25,900.00.


To Help:

Contact if you can donate any of these items.  Thanks from the cats and the vets!

The Following Have Been Fully Funded!

DRE Titan XL Large Animal Anesthesia Machine $18,250

FUNDED!  Many thanks to the MacLean family for completing the funding this purchase on 9/18/17!

The DRE Titan XL Large Animal Anesthesia Machine is a complete anesthesia support system. The Titan XL is designed for use with Equine, Bovine, Zoology, and other large animal anesthesia techniques. The system can be used for spontaneous breathing or the user may utilize the popular Drager AVE ventilator which is an electronically controlled, time cycled driven anesthesia ventilator capable of delivering from one-half to 15 liters of tidal volume at 1 to 99 breaths per minute and I:E ratios from 1 to 2 to 1 to 8.

Info at:

Microchip Reader  $300

All of the cats at Big Cat Rescue are microchipped when they are sedated.  Sometimes a cat may already have a microchip.  This reader would enable the vets to check for an existing microchip and save the cost of installing a new one.

Info at:


X-ray Immobilizer Set & Accessories $306

Large and X-Large $210, X-ray markers R and L $13, and X-ray in Use Sign $13 from Z&Z Medical Inc.

X-ray immobilizers are foam troughs with arm and leg straps that allow for the animal to be laid on its back while sedated for x-rays.  The large will accommodate any cat lynx sized and smaller and the x-large will accommodate leopards and cougars.  The right and left lead markers are for determining the correct sides when looking at an x-ray.  The x-ray in use sign will be installed on the x-ray room door.

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Surgery Table $13,975 Funded by Vanessa Fernandez Thomas and Family

The Shank’s® Rectangular Surgery Table is fabricated completely out of stainless steel.  The top is equipped with a raised edge and one drain hole to control fluid drainage.   The table has hydraulic scissor-action lift design so that cats can be easily shifted from the transport cage to the table and then raised up for procedures.  The table is completely mobile via casters and can easily be placed in a stationary position during necropsy procedures.

Info at:

Nomad Pro 2 Handheld X-Ray Generator and VetPro VDX #2 Sensor with 5 year warranty $14,960 Fields-Gordon-Galley Foundation

Mobile dental x-ray unit rotates 360 degrees on a 26” base. 3.5″ heavy duty wheels and two brake locks make movement easy and assures stability. UL tested and approved.

IM3 Elite Dental Surgical System $5,995 Funded by Fields-Gordon-Galley Foundation

This is a complete unit for performing dental surgery and includes; high speed fiber optic hand piece with push button, low speed polisher, suction, flush sytem, bur tips for cutting bone, ultrasonic scaler, compressor and metal instrument tray.

Vet Auto Reader Hematology & Vet Test Chemistry Analyzer (refurbished) $5990 Funded by MacLean Family Illinois/Florida

These two blood analysis machines will provide our veterinarians with the information they need for onsite procedures. The IDEXX VetAutoread Hematology Analyzer offers thorough screening, pre-surgical testing and general health checkups in-house. 3-part differential.  Accurate results using Idexx dry slide technology.  Screens agains 26 parameters (including ALB, ALKP, ALT, AMYL, BUN, Ca, CHOL, CREA, GLOB, GLU, PHOS, TBIL, TP), 7 pre-packaged panels, age specific ranges.

Vet Stat Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer $4995 Funded by Greg and Sue Taylor

The only in-house blood gas analyzer modified specifically for veterinarians. Fast, results for electrolytes, acid-base status, blood gases, ionized calcium and glucose while animal is under sedation. Runs whole blood, plasma and serum on single-use cassettes. Designed for simple and rapid operation by any staff member.

Phillips Burton AIM LED Dual Ceiling Mounted Surgery Light $4,980 Funded by MacLean Family Illinois/Florida

AIM LED light for minor procedures and surgery has an output raiting of 45,000 lux (4181 fc), 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature, 3 LED modules with a 20,000-hour life, adjustable focus using center handle, 5-year limited warranty

Wet Table $3,830 Funded by MacLean Family Illinois/Florida

Procedure table specifically designed for dentals with  storage cabinets and 3 drawers.  All stainless steel with removal grill above sink.

MidMark M9 UltraClave $2,990 Funded by an Anonymous Donor

Used to sterilize surgical instruments.  Features include: Easy operation, cycle time start to finish with unwrapped instruments 19 minutes cold or 14 minutes hot, once finished door automatically opens to dissipate steam and dry instruments.

AWCF Weight Reliever Lead Apron and Accessories $2600 Funded by Olga Kruse and Karin as well as Raj and Kirin Bahl

Smart Armor Lead (2) layers in front panel providing .50mm Pb. Set includes 4 lead aprons, 4 thyroid shields, 1 pair of mittens, and 1 pair of gloves.

Surgical Instruments $1,633 Funded by Vanessa Fernandez Thomas and Family

A variety of surgical instruments to perform special surgeries on-site.

Over Instrument Table $1,367 Funded by Vanessa Fernandez Thomas and Family

This table will keep surgical instruments, supplies, even monitoring equipment conveniently close at hand during procedures. Manufactured entirely of durable Type 304 stainless steel, the Over Instrument Table features a mobile telescoping base for versatility. The underside of the table top is 39” from the floor. The table at its highest point is 62”. The conveniently-designed crank operates from either side of the table to raise the top height from 39” to 62”. The table top surface measures a full 40” long x 23” wide to hold an assortment of supplies, and the raised back rail keeps equipment from sliding off accidentally. Rolls smoothly on 3” diameter non-marking casters to allow you to move the table into position easily. Two casters have brakes for safety.

Dental X-Ray Computer System $1300 Funded by Fields-Gordon-Galley Foundation

Portable laptop to read dental x-rays as well as Bluetooth mouse and printer.

Accu-Scope 3000-LED Microscope $840 Funded by MacLean Family Illinois/Florida

Used to examine fecal and needle aspirate samples. Features include: Plan Inifinity objectives 4x,10x,40xR,100xR oil, 20mm wide view ocular eyepieces, adjustable mechanical stage for ease of use and control, 3watt LED with variable intensity control

Bair Hugger Model 505 $700 Funded by MacLean Family Illinois/Florida

Bair Hugger veterinary warming units distribute warm air through air inflated blankets that are placed over patients to help maintain body temperature during procedures and when waking up from anesthesia.  Maintaining the animal’s body temperature is critical to the survival of the animal as they are unable to properly regulate their body temperature when sedated.

Tuttnauer Ultrasonic Cleaner $530 Funded by Geraldine Pannicia

Used to clean surgical instruments prior to sterilization in autoclave. Ultrasonic sound waves move through a cleaning solution, creating an effect called cavitation, which is the rapid formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles. This collapse, along with the cleaning chemistry, scrubs every wetted surface and removes most contaminates, even from blind holes and internal surfaces.

Stainless Steel Scale $380 Funded by an Anonymous Donor

Stainless Steel Scale with 1,000 lb capacity and digital reader display.

LW Scientific USA E8D Digital Centrifuge $380 Funded by MacLean Family Illinois/Florida

Used to prepare blood samples for analyzers. 3,500 rpm digital speed and time (blood, urines, etc.). Touch pad, programmable. Speed: 500-3,500rpm. Time: 1-99mins. Stores last four programmed speeds & times Service Indicator Light. Angled rotor, 8-tube capacity. Holds 3ml to 15ml size tubes. 12 volt DC maintenance-free motor. Clear view port in lid for using tachometer. Suction-cupped feet prevent slipping.

Warming Blanket Set  $300 Funded by Susan Reed

Small, medium and large warming blankets that are used with the Bair Hugger Warmer.  Each washable blanket hooks up to the Bair Hugger allowing warm air to fill the blanket and keep the patient warm under anesthesia.

Info at:

Dental Burs $292 Funded by Fields-Gordon-Galley Foundation

Canine bur kit, Feline bur kit and assorted surgical length burs for the dental machine.

Dental Instrument Set $250 Funded by Fields-Gordon-Galley Foundation

14-piece set is a general purpose dental set allowing you to examine, scale and extract teeth. Set consists of; Winged elevator 1-5mm, straight root tip pick, tartar removing forceps, extraction forceps, minnesota retractor, subgingival scaler, sickle scaler, explorer, measuring probe, and double-ended periosteal elevator

Seville Classics Ultra Durable Rolling Storage Cabinet with drawers $250 Funded by Janice Elliot

Used to store sterile surgical instruments and supplies.

WelchAllyn 3.5 Volt Coazial Opthalmoscope $200 – 320

Used to examine eye health. Features include: Halogen HPX™ lamp provides light for true tissue color and long-lasting performance, Coaxial optics produce a shadow-free spot, easier entry into undilated pupils, and a larger field of view versus standard ophthalmoscopes, Detect corneal abrasions with cobalt blue filter, Polarizing filter virtually eliminates corneal reflection, Sealed optics keep out dust and dirt, 18 unique aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility, Red-free filter may be used with any aperture, 28 focusing lenses with a range of -25 to +40 diopters

Breath Safe Apnea Monitor $200 Funded by Don & Lynn Bush

This small microprocessor monitor hooks up to the anesthesia mask and beeps with every breath. The monitor makes it easy for the vets and assistants to hear the breaths of an animal while sedated. Easy to use: just connect between endotracheal tube and anesthesia circuit.

Mobile Instrument Stand $185 Funded by MacLean Family Illinois/Florida

Stainless steel mobile surgical instrument stand measures 12”w x 19” x ¾”d., Chrome plated stand adjusts from 27½” to 48” high. Base consists of 22″ diameter epoxy coated steel. Four heavy duty rubber casters allow for easy maneuverability.

Boss Adjustable Stool with Backrest $105 Funded by Fields-Gordon-Galley Foundation

Adjustable stool with back and foot rest for use during surgical and dental procedures.

3M Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary 32″ Stethoscope $100 Funded by Hillary Segl, DVM

Seville Classics Ultra Durable Uhd20209 Wall Cabinet $100 Funded by Janice Elliot

Stainless steel wall cabinet used to store medications.

Stainless Steel Dental X-ray Cart $100 Funded by Greg & Sue Taylor

Used to clean surgical instruments prior to sterilization in autoclave. Ultrasonic sound waves move through a cleaning solution, creating an effect called cavitation, which is the rapid formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles. This collapse, along with the cleaning chemistry, scrubs every wetted surface and removes most contaminates, even from blind holes and internal surfaces.

Info at:|Ultrasonic_Cleaning|CLN-0C/M2800H-E.html

LCL Adjustable Saddle Stool $70 Funded by Fields-Gordon-Galley Foundation

Adjustable saddle stool to provide ergonomic support during surgical and dental procedures.


Thank you!!!


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