Crystal Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat Crystal Faces Down Death

Crystal Jungle Cat

Female Jungle Cat

DOB unknown – March 5, 2010
Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 8/20/00
Crystal arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 8/20/00 as an unwanted pet. Her former owners thought they could create the perfect hybrid by breeding her to a Bengal Cat. Needless to say, that didn’t work and the Bengal Cat barely survived the ordeal. Crystal is shy and secretive, but is quick to come out of her shell during operant training sessions. She is one of the specially selected cats that BCR Interns work with, which means that as Interns come and go, gaining her trust along the way, eventually Crystal will become less reclusive and more personable with a greater variety of people. It is so important that the cats living here have a stress free life and, by rewarding some of the more timid animals when they simply come out to see their keepers, this will turn the times that volunteers and keepers are nearby into a positive experience for the cat.

3/5/10 Crystal has been in renal failure for a while and that led to hypertension, which manifested in her eye issues.  We had hoped that her condition would improve with blood pressure medicine and fluids, but she has continued to worsen.  In the past two days, she stopped eating and just sat curled up and pretty much unresponsive.  She let us know that she was ready to go and today Dr. Wynn helped ease her to the other side.




Another of our precious charges has left us. I will forever remember the enthusiastic and LOUD meows as Crystal let us know her thoughts from time to time especially at feeding time! I remember a guest commenting on how such a big noise came from such a little cat! I will also miss crawling around peering this way and that to try and spot her in among the ferns while cleaning! Crystal, we will miss you and your independent spirit! Lisa, Volunteer Senior Keeper


I will always see in my mind Crystal trying to see and get the treats i brought for Hal. She could smell the Tuna and Tilapia and would go nuts. One day i went over and gave her a small piece of tuna and she looked at me as if that piece of tuna was a HUGE highlight in her life. I’ll never forget that look or that day, and I’ll never forget her. Yet another reason for tears to fall…Regina, Volunteer Senior Keeper

Crystal: Always wondered about your beautiful name. You seemed so happy in the summer among your ferns. Love you, Rosie, Volunteer Senior Keeper
The sanctuary will never be the same without hearing your little voice begging for chicken necks at every opportunity.  You had such a personality, little girl.  Tiny, but always able to get your point across and always, always wild at heart….Julie, Volunteer Senior Keeper

Our little Jungle Cat, Crystal, may be fighting her last battle as she squares off against old age, renal failure and a detached retina. See what Big Cat Rescuers do to give her a better quality of life and maybe even a second chance at living.

Please forgive the quality of this video as Chris is on vacation and Jamie just hates being on camera so it’s hard to get close enough to her with it to get the sound.

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