India Tiger

India Tiger

India Tigress

August 1, 1996 –  March 7, 2010

India arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 12/10/04. Though she was supposed to arrive with her fellow performing tigers King, Princess, Nala, and Narak, her arrival was delayed. Since the replacement “crew” of performing circus tigers from Spain arrived short a few members, India was forced to stay on as part of the tiger act. Apparently, she didn’t care for the idea of everyone else getting to retire while she still had to work. Her feelings became quite evident that she wanted to join her sister Nala at Big Cat Rescue. Consequently, she arrived 11 days later to join all the others. India lived in a cat-a-tat on the lake near her sister Nala and new tiger friends as her neighbors. Life has got to be so different for a tiger who spent 8 years on the road constantly performing for humans rather than enjoying the simple joys life has to offer. We are doing our best to make up for lost time and enrich India’s life every way possible.


March 2010 – India the tigress was not responding to pain meds that were given to alleviate her extreme discomfort.  Any of you who worked with her knew how hard it was for her to take even a couple of steps without collapsing.  Because there was no treatment that could reverse her condition, her vet determined that her quality of life was so poor, based upon her level of pain, that euthanasia was the only option.  She  passed peacefully today after snoozing the morning away in her favorite sun spot.

If you feel the breeze on your face, know that it is India chuffing her goodbye to you and telling you how much she appreciated all of the love you have given her and her comrades.




Another of our Angels has been called… India was ‘my favorite girl” and I also know that she has been loved by so many others! I am glad I was able to spend time with her, and tell her every day that I love her… My only consolation is that she is not suffering anymore… but I am sure going to miss her… I think I just felt the breeze! R.I.P. India! Marie, Volunteer Senior Keeper

My heart attack pales in comparison to the pain i feel in my heart over India. I only got to work with her a short time but it doesn’t mean i loved her any less.
You can run now, run pretty girl, run like the wind through God’s jungles and tall grass. If you get lost, just chuff, NINI and Buffy will find you and show you the way…Regina, Volunteer Senior Keeper

Thanks, Marie for the last video I get to see of India. She was a very special tiger and one of my favorites…Matt, Volunteer Senior Keeper

I am so thankful I got to be around India yesterday with her face into that breeze. I spent some time just sitting with her and remembering a happier time when we were cleaning out her enclosure in Outback and the high point of her day that day was to splash as many of us as possible, over and over again! Selfishly, I will dearly miss her beautiful face, gentle personality and sweet chuffs but I am glad she is no longer suffering and can splash away at us from Tiger Heaven. Sweet dreams India!  Lisa, Volunteer Senior Keeper

I did get to see India on the way to give toys out. I am glad I had one more chance to see her one more time. India enjoy your new freedom…Teri, Volunteer Partner

Thank you Marie, and all the keepers who gave India the best life possible. She is no longer in pain…Pam, Volunteer Senior Partner

Marie: Thanks for the video, India looks so happy soaking in the warmth of the sun…may she bask in it forever with her friends, all waiting to welcome her over the bridge. RIP sweetie…Merrill, Volunteer Partner

I remember when India and Nala, the 2 sisters, lived next to each other. I would always point them out as the most beautiful tigers to our guests. Though Nala is gorgeous, India was just so incredibly sweet. She would always wait patiently to be fed, always politely chuff good morning when you came to clean her cat-a-tat, perfect inside and out. That’s why it was so hard to see her in pain, and seemed so unfair. With India, “gone too soon” is the most apropos thing ever said. We miss her gentle, sweet soul so much…Julie, Volunteer Senior Keeper

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