hear big catsMac

Male Cougar
DOB 9/2/96
Rescued 1/9/98


Mac was brought here by his owner to be boarded because of zoning laws changing in his owner’s home town, but that was many years ago. He now has a permanent home at Big Cat Rescue and enjoys a 1200 square foot lush Cat.a.tat with a large cave den.

Mac has a particular penchant for small children, as do most big cats. Big cats see children as potential prey and having a big cat as a pet is a recipe for disaster.

When a group comes by on a guided tour, Mac always picks out the smallest child (or person) in the group and you would think there was no one else on the tour if you judged from Mac’s perspective.

Exotic cats are opportunistic hunters and the weak and the small are the easiest targets.




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  • Frau Bergamote

    Sounds like a crow 😀

  • Frau Bergamote

    Sounds like a crow 😀

    • Meryle Bunnie

      stunning kitty

  • Lee Sides

    Big cats make terrible pets!
    They are wild & they stay wild. Love BCR! <3

  • Suzanne Kronenberger

    He is vocal. I didn't know the larger cats would hiss. He is a beautiful animal.

  • Leona Hosford

    what a chatter box. XD

  • Debra Fontaine

    Sounds like he's saying, "wow" to me…looking at some prey!


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