Siberian Lynx STALKER



Male Siberian Lynx

Date of Birth: 4/1/90 – 1/2005

Stalker was rescued from a fur farm on 9/19/93. He was and is a vicious animal and one of only two that we feel would be a menace to humans should he ever escape. He is very playful and makes a toy of everything. He loves his mate, Anastasia, and throws a natural cat fit when they have to be separated. He was neutered in 1998 so that he can always live with his love and best friend here at Big Cat Rescue.


“When I started at Big Cat Rescue, I was assigned cleaning duties for the ‘little cat’ sections.  The first time I cleaned what we call the Road Section, I was pretty amazed at the size of the Siberian Lynx whose cat-a-tats were there. These were the ‘little cats?!’ The big boys included Apollo and Zeus, as well as Stalker who lived with Anastasia. They were very intimidating to me, especially when I read our Safari Guide that informed me that Stalker was a vicious animal to be feared.  The more time I spent out there with him, the harder it was for me to justify that description when I usually saw this big lug of a lynx usually laying upside down with all 4 paws in the air showing no modesty whatsoever.  Or, he and Anastasia were curled up together in the smallest, tightest section of their cat-a-tat napping the day away.  They were so closely bonded with one another.  Now that Stalker is gone, I try to stop by and visit Anastasia as much as I can.  She’s a beautiful lynx with a beautiful soul, I can just feel that about her.  I know life has got to be so different for her without her best friend.  It makes me very sad that she’s lost that love.  I know that, no matter how much attention we give her, no matter how much enrichment I try to give her, it will never replace the companionship she had with him.  But I will keep trying to make life better for her.  We all miss Stalker very much”…….Julie, Senior Volunteer Keeper


“Stalker was the first cat I feared as a red shirt.  I soon learned that his mean exterior was a defense, but it taught me he was still a wild animal.  He was my first realization that these cats were not tame.  I came to appreciate that tough guy act and even look forward to it; you always knew where you stood with him.  If you were wise, that would be at least 4 feet from the cage.  I also learned to be patient at feeding time from Stalker.  The first time he didn’t swat his food away, I felt like I had accomplished a great feat.  This tough guy’s absence is still felt today”…. Kathryn, Senior Volunteer Keeper

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