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LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPT. 6, 2011 – Throughout the ages pet owners have mused at what their beloved pets might say if they could speak.  Thanks to an emerging web-based greeting card company officially launching today, Pet-a-Greeting is putting the power of animated speech into pet owners’ hands.  The site allows members to create personalized greetings that feature their talking pet and then distribute them via email, Facebook and Twitter.
Pet-a-Greeting is the first-ever site that allows members to upload a photo of their dog, cat or other pet, or use the library of pet photos, and create a customized talking message to share.
“We’re taking the e-greeting card experience to a whole other level,” said Gregory Baker, co-founder of Pet-a-Greeting.  “We developed Pet-a-Greeting because we love our animal friends and we want people to be able to share a unique experience with their friends and families, while giving a voice to those that typically don’t have one.”
Pet-a-Greeting offers a 10-day free trial, where members can send unlimited personal greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just for fun.  Pet-a-Greeting is an affordable, easy way to spread some love and include your pet as you share life’s joys with friends and family.
Sending a Pet-a-Greeting is a simple process.  Visit and sign-up today.  Once registered, you can:
–          Upload a photo of your pet, or use the library of pet photos, and type a personalized message
–          Move and adjust the mouth to make it perfect for your pet and message
–          Choose from a variety of distinct voices or use Type and Talk to create your own personalized voice message
–          Share your greeting card via email, Facebook or Twitter
Annual Pet-a-Greeting membership to send unlimited cards is $9.95, and a two-year membership is $14.95.  Pet-a-Greeting has a strong commitment to helping the community through their generous support of animal welfare organizations both locally and nationally.  By becoming a member and sending Pet-a-Greetings, you are supporting the welfare of companion animals.
“I finally get to share all my joy and excitement with the world through Pet-a-Greeting,” said Gracie, the official spokespet for Pet-a-Greeting.  “I’m always travelling, going to the dog park and hanging out with my family, and I love to let everyone know what I’m up to by sending Pet-a-Greetings.”
For more information and/or to become a Pet-a-Greeting member, visit  Be sure to also check out Pet-a-Greeting on Facebook and Twitter.

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