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Big Cat Rescue’s Mission

At Big Cat Rescue our mission is to safeguard the world’s exotic wildcat species through a multifaceted approach.

With an unwavering commitment to conservation, we strive to protect these majestic creatures both in captivity and in their natural habitats. 

By championing the Big Cat Public Safety Act and funding insitu projects, we work tirelessly to combat the threats posed by the pet trade, wildlife trafficking, bushmeat and sport hunting, as well as the collection of wildcats for zoos. 

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the survival and thriving future of wildcats, fostering a world where they can roam freely and their presence continues to enrich our planet.

Our Cats Are Moving!

Find out more about why Big Cat Rescue’s cats are moving to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue in Arkansas.

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    Learn more about the cats, the sanctuary, and big cats issues by watching our videos.  Also, when you use YouTube’s “Share” feature and your friends and family watch the videos you are also helping raise funds to care for the cats.

    1. Short videos of Enrichment and big cat issues
    2. Get behind the scenes at Big Cat Rescue

    Be a part of something bigger. Together, we can save wild cats in the wild, where they belong.

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    1. Cat Laws-the best way you can help change laws to save big cats!
    2. Ways to help for free
    3. Pledge not to go to circuses that use wild animals
    4. Help with Legislative issues
    5. Ways to donate
    6. PURRchase things from our WishLists
    7. Start a Facebook Fundraiser for the cats
    1. Meet the Cats
    2. Bobcat Rehab & Release Program
    3. Who is Big Cat Rescue?
    4. How Big Cat Rescue Started
    5. Credentials
    6. Staff

    Frequently Asked Questions – Abuse & Exploitation

    A great place to reach new people with the message about how to save big cats and their babies from a life of abuse and exploitation is in the comment areas of social media posts and Internet news articles.  If you know the issues inside out then you can answer about any question that comes up.  If not ask us, we are happy to help you with info.  However, most info you will find on those pages.

    1. Cub handling issues
    2. Big Cat Attacks
    3. Big Cats in Zoos
    4. Circus is NO Fun for Big Cats
    5. White Tigers
    6. Fur Trade
    7. Trophy Hunting:  Find out why hunting big cats causes environmental damage
    8. Canned Hunting: Did you know that petting a cub could result in the cat being shot in a cage?
    9. Rabies

    Frequently Asked Questions – General

    1. Why don’t you set them free?
    2. Where do you get the cats’ toys?
    3. Don’t they miss being petted?
    4. Why is breeding in captivity bad?
    5. When can we pet the cubs?
    6. I want to help but don’t have money.
    7. Why don’t you have cheetahs?
    8. What about Christian the lion?
    9. What is the real cost of buying a big cat?  Or I want a big cat as a pet.
    10. Do you microchip the cats?
    11. Are the cats lonely?
    12. Why can’t you rescue more cats from other countries?
    13. How do you decide when to euthanize a cat?
    14. What does Big Cat Rescue do to save cats in the wild?
    15. How can I help when I see animal abuse?
    16. How can I tell the difference between a real sanctuary and a fake?
    17. What do you mean that tigers go on vacation?
    18. Can you come reloacte a wild bobcat or cougar?
    19. Big Cat Bans enacted

    Frequently Asked Questions – Sanctuary

    1. What are BCR cages like?
    2. What is Enrichment?
    3. What is Operant Conditioning?
    4. How is Big Cat Rescue different than a zoo?
    5. Can I create a page or group using Big Cat Rescue’s cats, logos, brand etc?
    6. Read back issues of “The Big Cat Times” magazine
    7. What is the “Windsong Memorial Hospital?”
    8. What is Big Cat Witness Protection?

    Frequently Asked Questions – The Cats

    1. Why can’t they live with a friend?
    2. Why do some of the cats look thin?
    3. What do the cats eat?
    4. Memorials of past cats

    Frequently Asked Questions During Medical Procedures

    1. Why aren’t you wearing gloves?
    2. Why are you painting their paws?

    Our Gift Shops

    1. – Proceeds support the cats at Big Cat Rescue
    2. is our Spring store where you will find other Big Cat Rescue merchandise
    3. Sponsor a cat for as little as $25/year

    Volunteer Opportunities

    The cats at Big Cat Rescue are moving to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, You can find out about their internship and volunteer opportunities at, and opportunities at all the accredited sanctuaries at

    Rebuttals to Haters

    1. Why do abusers & exploiters say bad things about BCR?

    Refuting the lies told about Carole Baskin in Netflix’ documentary called Tiger King; Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    In order to make the documentary as salacious as possible Netflix dragged up 20-year-old lies. For more detail see the page created after the recent Wondery podcast.

    1. Carole’s dairy vlog
    2. Ask Carole Anything

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