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Our volunteers and interns are the heart and soul of Big Cat Rescue! The care of the big cats is reliant on these amazing individuals who give of their time each day, 365 days a year, rain or shine!

We believe it is important to show our appreciation to these amazing volunteers and interns by providing snacks, drinks, treats and lunches as often as possible! Our interns and many of our volunteers are on property the entire day and it is HOT in Florida, so breaks for drinks and snacks are a must!

Our amazing donors have always stepped up to provide snacks and drinks for the volunteers and interns and many have asked to do more! We have a way you can help and show your appreciation for all these wonderful keepers do for the cats by donating to the volunteer appreciation fund that allows us to purr-chase lunches for them at least a couple of times a month providing the funds are available to do so!

Won’t you help us by donating $10 to feed a volunteer or intern for lunch?!

You can donate one time or set your donation to recur monthly if you would like to provide ongoing support and appreciation!

Donate to the volunteer lunch fund

You can also donate snacks and drinks through our Amazon Wishlist!

Cambridge Dictionary defines appreciation as: the act of recognizing or understanding that something is valuable.

We believe our volunteers and interns are our most valuable asset to the sanctuary and we would never be able to provide top notch care of the cats without them!

Big Cat Rescue had 79 volunteers (incl interns) at the end of 2021 who clocked in 39,957.79 man-power hours, in addition to 14 interns did 35 sessions (12 weeks each) who clocked 15,413.29 man-power hours.   

Help us say THANK YOU for all they do each day as they care for the cats who call Big Cat Rescue home!

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