DOB 1/1/97

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 11/17/16

Gabrielle arrived at Big Cats of Serenity Springs in CO from Wesa-a-geh-ya in Warrenton, MO on 9/20/08 at the age of 11.

Seth & Gabrielle had a cub on 6/18/13 named Lola AKA Ripley, who was pulled for hand rearing at the age of 3 weeks and then sold to Hollywood Animals at the age of 10 weeks. She was diagnosed with ringworm on 8/25/13.

Gabrielle had arrived at Big Cats of Serenity Springs with a male tiger named Zeus who was euthanized there on 11/21/10.

According to reports, she barely escaped ending up at GW Zoo, in possession of  Joe Schreibvogel who told Julie Walker, of Big Cats of Serenity Springs, that she could drop off any of the 21 big cats she was bringing in from Wesa-a-geh-ya.

Seth and Gabrielle had been used as breeding stock for the pay to play schemes at Big Cats of Serenity Springs and elsewhere.  Cubs were frequently transferred both in and out to GW Zoo, Jungle Safari AKA The Zoo, Wildlife in Need, Dirk Arthur’s magic act, Tanganyika Wildlife Park, Hanson Exotics, T.I.G.E.R.S. and others.



Everyone, and their mother, is going to ask if they will be put back together and that depends on what the cats want.  If they want to share space, we will accommodate them but big cats are solitary and usually don’t want to be housed together.  It’s only done at breeding facilities, for obvious reasons and at zoos to cater to the public’s desire to see animals in pairs or groups, even though it goes against their nature.  Find out more at

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Read more about her arrival at Big Cat Rescue here:

Dec 12 2016 Update

When Gabrielle and Priya arrived from Big Cats of Serenity Springs in Nov. 2016, both were obese, but their bellies looked particularly distended.  When we found that to be a 20 lb hydrometra in Priya, we feared we would find the same in Gabrielle when she was examined on Dec 12, 2016.  Thankfully, after running blood work, urinalysis, X-rays and a sonogram that was guided by our remote assistants at Oncura Partners, we discovered that she was just fat and not suffering an infection that required the removal of her uterus.  She’s going to be twenty next month, so that wasn’t a surgery we wanted to do if we could avoid it.  Gabrielle was able to go back out to her enclosure, and only has to recover from the wooziness of sedation and a very un stylish shave of her belly fur.

gabrielle tiger

Gabrielle is so cheerful and appreciative, she’s our 2017 Thank You tiger.  Whenever someone takes an action at or donates to us, Gabrielle will be brightening their day for making her world a better place for all exotic cats.

Thanks Tiger

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