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Bobcat Kitten VS Adult Photos for Tracking Rehabbers who rescue bobcat kittens and release them back to the wild have […]

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Lakeland Bobcat Orphan Update It’s impossible to know for sure, but I think I have a happy update on this […]

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Summer 2017 ~ Annual Update & Appeal Letter To donate, please scroll to the end of this letter When I […]

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  Wyeth the Bobcat is Breaking our Hearts on this Valentine’s Day at Big Cat Rescue When a couple accidentally […]

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Nova DOB Appx: 12/27/16 Arrived 1/31/17 Released into the wild: 7/20/2017 Nova was brought to Big Cat Rescue on January […]

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Meet the 2 lb Rehab Rescue Bobcat named Spirit Feather July 20, 2016: Another 2am success story! When this little bobcat […]

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Bobcat Rescue Call in Estero FL Dec 21, 2016: When people call to report an injured bobcat I usually insist […]

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