Servals, like Cleo Cat Tra have become the next biggest cat people buy since they cannot trade in great cats and cougars as pets across state lines

Serval Facts

XJuly 15, 2023
Serval   Common Name: ServalKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: Chordata (Vertebrata)Class: MammaliaOrder: CarnivoraFamily: FelidaeGenus: Felinae (Leptailurus)Species: Serval (L.s.
Des_Serval_Big Cat Rescue_ BrittanyMira


XJune 26, 2023
Des (FKA Desiree) Male Serval DOB unknown Rescued  10/11/2009 Serval Rescue! An African Serval was limping
Servie Serval


XFebruary 11, 2022
Female Serval1/1/00 – 2/11/22Rescued  5/25/10 A  pet Serval was confined to a tiny, two room

Kricket Serval

XNovember 21, 2019
Kricket Female Serval4/1/2001 – 8/16/2022 She was 21Rescued 3/11/2011 Kricket the serval was born in