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Zucari_Serval_Big Cat Rescue_ BrittanyMira


Zucari ServalDOB 7/2/2015Male ServalArrived 6/6/2017Zucari is a serval who was born in 2015 and came to Big Cat Rescue in ...

Illithia_Serval_Big Cat Rescue_ BrittanyMira


IllithiaFemale servalBorn 4/25/16Illithia was declawed on all four paws before 12 weeks by her breeder in Missouri, and later spayed ...

Ginger_Serval_Big Cat Rescue_ BrittanyMira


GingerFemale servalAppx. DOB 1/1/2009Rescued on  5/5/2013 Ginger is approximately four years old and was bottle raised from a kitten. She did ...

Des_Serval_Big Cat Rescue_ BrittanyMira


Des (FKA Desiree)Male ServalDOB unknownRescued  10/11/2009Serval Rescue! An African Serval was limping along in the Arizona desert until he collapsed alongside ...

June 6 2017

June 6 2017

Big Cat Updates They're Here!  They're Here! Cyrus and Chaos the Caracals, along with Zucari the Serval have arrived. ...

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