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Big Cat Rescuers Bringing Female Wild Florida Bobcat to Big Cat Rescue Right Now – With 3 Brand New Babies!

March 24, 2019 ~ Just when we thought there could be nothing worse for a wild native Florida bobcat than being caught in a farmer’s trap near Orlando, we found out it can be worse: the female bobcat just delivered three kittens while in the trap!  She had been caught by a trapper as a nuisance bobcat because the farmer feared she would do harm or damage his property.

Sky with kittens - Bobcat Rehab
Sky with kittens – Bobcat Rehab

It’s a beautiful Florida spring day today without a cloud in the sky, so we have named the mama bobcat Sky and her kittens Azul, Cobalt, and Indigo.

Jamie is on her way back to the sanctuary right now with the mother and kittens. We will set them up in our hospital where it is quiet and dark and rehabilitate them as a family to eventually be released back into the wild.

Jamie reports that right now Sky is ignoring the kittens, but she is freaked out by the people and noise and traveling. We will have a camera on Sky so we can be sure she is feeding the kittens.

You can donate to the care of these 4 precious bobcats here:

Update – March 24, 2019

Within minutes of being shifted into the hospital cage Sky laid down and allowed her kittens to start nursing ❤️

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Update – March 27, 2019

Kitten Update from Jamie Veronica – The kittens are doing great! All of them have gained weight since their arrival. The little boy Cobalt weighs 8.8 oz, and the girls Azul and Indigo weighed in at 7.6 and 7 oz respectively. Momma Sky is taking such good care of them and is eating well too. Cobalt is the biggest. Indigo is the smaller girl. She has a lighter patterned head and Azul has a dark patterned head.

Rehab Bobcat Sky's kittens
Rehab Bobcat Sky’s kittens

Update from Dr. Justin – Yesterday examined 3 new bobcat kittens that were born in a live trap. They all appear healthy no cleft palates/ heart murmurs etc… We collected weights and identified sexes (1-male 2-females ). As soon as we know mom is producing milk and taking care of the babies well( by monitoring their weight over the next week ). She will be left alone. We do not talk around the rehab animals and never touch them unless Veterinary related exams.

Update March 29, 2019

Momma Sky and babies Cobalt, Azul, and Inigo are all doing well.

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  • Otterwoman

    So she just lets you reach in the cage and take her babies out and weigh them every week?

    • BCR

      Sky is shut into the second part of her cage so rehabber can safely reach the kittens for monitoring.


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