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Cat Chat 89 Fernando Vidal of Fauna Andino working with Guigna and Puma in Chile

Cat Chat 88 Jose Ramirez Fernandez working with clouded forest cats and other small wild cats in the Costa Rican cloud forest

Cat Chat 87 Mariam Weston working with ocelots and other small wild cats in Mexico

Cat Chat 86 Dr. Cindy Hurtado working with small wild cats in Peru

Cat Chat 85 Dr. Flavia Tirelli working with small wild cats in Brazil

Cat Chat 84 Video Robin Greenwood CEO of Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary

Cat Chat 83 Video Carole Baskin

Cat Chat 82 Video The people behind the movie Hidden Tiger.

Cat Chat 81  Video  Ginger Thomson of the Felidae Conservation Fund talks with Carole Baskin about their work in the U.S., Kenya and Argentina

Cat Chat 80  Video Join Carole Baskin on the Cat Chat Show episode 80 for a chat with Tori-Ellen Dileo of

Cat Chat 79  Video Pet Doctor Bernadine Cruz Interviews Big Cat Rescue’s PR Director, Susan Bass

Cat Chat 78  Video Meet Bryna Donnelly of Animal Lifeline, Rescue Build and Greater Good on Cat Chat Show 78

Cat Chat 77  Video Find out what Big Cat Rescuer, Kathryn Quaas, is doing at the Born Free sanctuary in Ethiopia at the Ensessakotteh Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre.

Cat Chat 76  Video Meet Patricia Tricorache from the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Join us to learn about the plight of the cheetah and what CCF is doing about it.

Cat Chat 75  Video Show Notes The Big Cat Coalition presents at a congressional briefing in Washington, DC about the need to pass HR 3546 The Big Cat Public Safety Act.

Cat Chat 74  Video  Show Notes  Keeper talks with Carole Baskin about her experience as a keeper at Bill Meadows’ Tiger Safari and warns others to check out animal facilities before falling victim to abuse.  Caution:  Foul language and disturbing images.

Cat Chat 73  Video    Show Notes  Glenn & Dona Williams talk about how Cecil the lion changed their lives.

Cat Chat 72  Video    Show Notes  Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue interviews key members of the Tampa Cat Crusaders.

Cat Chat 71  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue, Antonio Franyuti, Founder of Animal Heroes, and Lourdes Lopes, Federal Deputy for the Green Party PVEM, entered into a Declaration that we would work together find and build sanctuaries to care for the big cats who have been banned from being used in public exhibition.

Cat Chat 70  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Meet long time volunteers, Matt and Jen Ruszczyk, in the 70th episode of The Cat Chat Show with Carole Baskin, at Big Cat Rescue.

Cat Chat 69  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Olga Bellon gets a crash course in big cat care at Big Cat Rescue to implement in the new big cat facility being built in Spain as part of AAP.

Cat Chat 68  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Meet David Enden and Kyle Taitt, two young men who are involved in awakening a generation.

Cat Chat 67  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Carole records a day in the life of the sanctuary via Google Glass and the iPhone 5s.

Cat Chat 66  Video  Podcast  Show Notes   Meet T.O. Lawrence, the new media producer at Big Cat Rescue and get a sneak peek into some of the great new concepts he has in store for you.

Cat Chat 65  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  A day in the life of Gale Ingham, the Operations Manager at Big Cat Rescue.

Cat Chat 64  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  D.W. Raleigh author of Shiloh’s True Nature published by Hobbes End Publishing.  Find out why we think cat lovers will love his new book.

Cat Chat 63  Video Podcast Show Notes  Meet Joshua Decker from Local Directive. Carole met the owner of Local Directive, Lisa Meier, at a Florida Lobby Day in 2009 and Lisa offered to take over the management of Big Cat Rescue’s Google AdWords grant.

Cat Chat 62  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  National Geographic photographer Steve Winter and Sharon Guynup recently produced Tigers Forever: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat a book (published by Nat Geo Books). They have been using the book as a platform to speak up for tigers because few people know that just 3,000 remain in the wild, nor are they aware of the threats that are pushing them ever-closer to the precipice.

Cat Chat 61  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Meet Carol Childs, founder of the National Humane Society and the Florida Humane Society.  See about 50 cats and kittens who are being spayed and neutered today and are ready for your loving arms.

Cat Chat 60  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Margaret Gates, Founder of the Feline Nutrition site, says it should be a raw meat diet, like nature intended.  Join us for this hour long discussion about how a raw meat diet can help your cat live a longer, healthier life.

Cat Chat 59  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Madi Hawkins, the Director of the Habersham County Animal Care & Control in Georgia, talks about how TNR is saving thousands of cats from being killed in her shelter.

Cat Chat 58  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Meet Jenny Schlueter, Development Director & Feral Friends TNR Program Manager for the Tree House Humane Society.

Cat Chat 57  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Want to be a pet detective, or need one to find your lost pet? Check out Kat Albrecht’s interview about her work with Missing Pet Partnership and get involved.

Cat Chat 56 Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Cat Chat 56 Merritt Clifton of Animals 24 – 7.

Cat Chat 55  Video  Podcast  Show Notes Clara Lee Arnold, from Hopkins Belize Humane Society talks about her work there and with the Belize Zoo.

Cat Chat 54  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Meet Shelly Thayer, Executive Director of the Cat Depot.

Cat Chat 53  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  How to Systematize Your Nonprofit Organization and Attract More Volunteers to Your Cause – Carole Baskin is interviewed by Owen McGab Enaohwo.

Cat Chat 52  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Lori Gagen is the Executive Director at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and joins Carole Baskin for Cat Chat 52.

Cat Chat 51  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Gary Kaskel, author of the new book, Monsters and Miracles – Henry Bergh’s America, is our guest on Cat Chat 51.  Henry Bergh was the founder of the ASPCA.

Cat Chat 50  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Stanley F. Bronstein is an Attorney, CPA, Author & Certified Laws of Positioning® Coach. He interviewed Carole Baskin for a segment that he calls Interviews That Will Change Your Life.

Cat Chat 49  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Chris Poole, the Media Producer for Big Cat Rescue talks about how he came to work at Big Cat Rescue, how he taught himself the trade and shares some of his insights into producing captivating video.

Cat Chat 48  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Judy McGee co-founder of National Tiger Sanctuary talks with Carole Baskin about their efforts to end cub handling displays.

Cat Chat 47 Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Intern Karma Hurworth joins Carole Baskin on this episode of Cat Chat to talk about what inspired a 52 year old woman to give up everything, drive from Oregon to Florida, and commit to the grueling schedule of being an intern at the sanctuary.

Cat Chat 46 Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Karen Lynch, author of the spy thriller, Game of Lies and many children’s stories and books shares Finn McCool’s message that good things happen to those who do good.

Cat Chat 45  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Today is Carole Baskin using Google Glass to talk with volunteers in action who are taking care of the exotic cats.  It’s just like being there to see it through her “eyes.” Apologies on this one, as it isn’t rendering in iMovie and is truncated to the first 19 minutes.  Still trying to fix this.  #ThroughGlass

Cat Chat 44  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Tammy Thies, Founder and Executive Director of Wildcat Sanctuary is interviewed by Big Cat Rescue volunteer, Kathryn Quaas.

Cat Chat 43  Video  Podcast  Show Notes  Lisa Horsborough shares her experience from volunteering at a facility in South Africa that claimed to be raising white lions and golden lion cubs for release into Kruger National Park.

Cat Chat 42  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Barbara Frank, a 10 year veteran, and Master Keeper at Big Cat Rescue is Carole Baskin’s guest.

Cat Chat 41  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Kate McFall, the FL state director for HSUS and Carey Theil, Executive Director of GREY2K USA Worldwide presented at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay on how to get involved in the legislative process to help animals.

Cat Chat 40  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Sybelle Foxcroft, Founder and Director of Cee4Life,  joins us today from Melbourne Australia to talk about her work saving tigers.

Cat Chat 39  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Diane Gustafson shares her story about her love of animals and what she did when she encountered abuse at a big cat facility.

Cat Chat 38  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Carole Baskin talks about the International Tiger Coalition and Big Cat Coalition successes.

Cat Chat 37  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Julie Bindas author of Thy Kingdom Come discusses herbal remedies, shamanism and the differences in captive and wild cats

Cat Chat 36  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Jennifer Dietz, Esq. a pioneering Animal Law Attorney

Cat Chat 35  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Cindy Wines of Earth and Animal Wellness

Cat Chat 34  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Robin Greenwood, Pres. of Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary

Cat Chat 33  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Shayla Scott of Chimps Inc, talks about their Lynx

Cat Chat 32  Video     Podcast   Show Notes  Noelle Almrud, of Black Beauty Ranch

Cat Chat 31  Video     Audio   Show Notes  Justin Mikolaitis, Esq. chats with us about pet laws

Cat Chat 30  Video    Audio   Show Notes  Howard Baskin explains the big cat crisis in America

Cat Chat 29  Video    Audio   Show Notes  Carole Baskin talks w/ Interns and Staff at BCR

Cat Chat 28  Video    Audio   Show Notes  Patty Finch of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Cat Chat 27  Video    Audio   Show Notes  Scott Giacoppo of Washington Humane Society

Cat Chat 26  Video    Audio   Show Notes  SkipAHolics:  Rebecca, Maria, Monica & Cecelia

Cat Chat 25  Video    Audio   Show Notes  Mitchel Kalmanson talks about insuring the wild, weird and wacky

Cat Chat 24  Video    Audio   Show Notes  Dr. Danya Linehan, DVM on Litterbox Issues

Cat Chat 23  Video    Audio    Show Notes  Lynda Sugasa, Founder and Executive Director of Safe Haven Rescue Zoo

Cat Chat 22  Video    Audio    Show Notes  Cougar & Bobcat Rescue

Cat Chat 21   Video    Audio    Show Notes  Chelsea Feeny

Cat Chat 20  Video    Audio    Show Notes  Dr. Danya Linehan, D.V.M.

Cat Chat 19   Lost Files             Show Notes  Jamie Veronica

Cat Chat 18   Lost Files             Show Notes  Honey Wayton

Cat Chat 17   Video    Audio    Show Notes  Gale Ingham

Cat Chat 16   Video    Audio    Show Notes  Carole Baskin

Cat Chat 15   Video    Audio    Show Notes  Bobbi Brink

Cat Chat 14   Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 13  Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 12   Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 11   Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 10   Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 9    Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 8    Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 7     Lost files

Cat Chat 6    Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 5    Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 4    Video    Audio    Show Notes  David and Carole

Cat Chat 3    Lost files

Cat Chat 2    Video    Audio    Show Notes  Sean Carnell

Cat Chat 1    Lost files

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Join Big Cat Rescue’s Carole Baskin and her cat experts from around the globe.

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